Warranty and returns

Complaint process

  1. The Customer has the right to place a complaint if the ordered or purchased product has legal or physical faults.
  2. In case of any doubts as to the properties of the product, especially properties which are not mentioned by the offer placed in the Shop, the Customer shall enquire about it at the Shop through one of the communication channels stated in section IV point 6 of the Terms and Conditions. The Shop is not liable for product properties which were unknown at the moment of the purchase.
  3. Within the complaint, the Customer can:
    i. Request the repair of the product
    ii. Request a replacement of the product
    iii. Make a statement of price reduction
    iv. Renounce the contract, however points iii and iv are ineffectual if the Shop removes the product faults promptly
  4. The Customer has the right to state the preference whether the faulty products should be repaired or replaced.
  5. The complaint should include the proof of purchase as well as the reason of the complain and the expected way in which the complaint should be solved
  6. In order to repair the product it shall be sent to the address of the Shop stated in section I point 2 of the Terms and Conditions.
  7. The product must be appropriately secured for the transport.
  8. The product must be sent packed and secured against any potential damages which may occur during transport with all elements and parts received at the purchase such as manuals, instructions etc.
  9. The shop may refuse to repair of the product if the repair is impossible or too expensive. In that case the Shop shall suggest a replacement or renounce the purchase contract.
  10. If the product had been already replaced or repaired and the fault occurred again the Shop shall offer a price reduction or the possibility to renounce the contract.
  11. The Customer being a Consumer within the scope of point 12 can file a complaint within 2 years from the purchase. If the product has a stated (by Shop or manufacture) expiry date the above period lasts maximally up to that date.
  12. The reduced price should remain in such a proportion to the price set out in the purchase contract, as the value of the faulty product to the value of a defect-free product.
  13. The Customer cannot renounce the contract if the defect is immaterial.
  14. Should the Shop not answer the Customer’s compliant mentioned in point 3. within 14 days it is assumed the Shop accepted the complaint demands.
  15. The complaint can be sent electronically by email, contact form or in written form by traditional mail service.
  16. In case the decision about the complain is impossible to be made due to missing information mentioned in point 5., the Shop will decide about the claim as soon as the missing information is completed, of which the Shop will remind the Customer.
  17. The Shop will decide about the complaint within 14 days from the receipt of the complaint
  18. The reply to the complaint is sent to the email address stated at the purchase. In case the Customer changes the email – in order to improve the complaint process – the Shop should be notified.
  19. If the manufacturer ensured the quality of the sold product, the Customer has a right to demand a removal of product defects or replacement of the product as long as the defects emerge within the period stated in the warranty statement.
  20. If the product is covered with manufacturer’s warranty and the product does not have features or properties stated in the warranty statement, the Customer may demand:
    i. Repair of the product
    ii. Replacement of the product
    iii. Return of the amount paid
    iv. Other claims foreseen by the manufacturer
  21. If not otherwise stated, the warranty period is 2 years from the purchase.
  22. The warranty statement issued to the customer contains information necessary to execute the warranty rights, specifically name and address of the guarantor or its representative in Poland, period and geographical coverage of the warranty as well as Customer’s rights in case a defect or fault is stated.
  23. Unless otherwise stated, the liability of the guarantor is limited only to defects resulting from internal faults in the product.
  24. The manufacturer realises the warranty rights within the period stated in the warranty statement or, if not stated, promptly but not longer than 14 days from the purchase of the product.
  25. The warranty is void in case of:
    i. Mechanical damage of external origin including damage caused by improper use.
    ii. Self-made repairs or modifications despite manufacturer instructions

Contract renouncement

  1. The Customer who is a Consumer is entitled to return the product within 14 days of the purchase, to renounce the contract concluded remotely without stating any reason or incurring any costs apart from shipping cost. In order to renounce the contract concluded remotely a written statement should to the seller.
  2. The statement can be sent electronically by filling out the form shown in appendix 1 to these Terms and conditions, also available for download on the Shop’s website, both via email and traditional postal service to the Shop’s address (available in section 1 point 2 of these Terms and conditions).
  3. In order to keep the period for contract renouncement it is enough that the statement is sent within 14 days of the delivery.
  4. The Shop shall promptly send the Customer the confirmation of receipt of the statement by email which allows to download and keep it.
  5. The returned product should be in an unchanged state unless the change was necessary within the common management of the product. The Customer should return the product in the same quantitative and qualitative state as received with the except of previous sentence. In particular, the Customer should return all elements received with the product such as accessories, parts, manuals, instructions etc.
  6. The product should be returned to the address of the Shop stated in section 1 point 2 of T&C.
  7. The returned product must by securely packed.
  8. The return shipping should contain the statement mentioned in point 2 and proof of purchase.
  9. The Customer is liable for the value reduction resulting from using it in a way which exceeds the normal recognition of the product’s character, features and purpose.
  10. The Shop will return all payments immediately, not later that within 7 days from the receipt of the Customer’s statement.
  11. The payment is returned by the same channel which was used during purchase unless the Customer clearly agrees to a different method. Should the Customer choose a different shipping method than the cheapest offered by the Shop, the Shop will not be liable to return the difference.
  12. If the Customers send the renounce statement before the Shop accept the Customer’s offer, the offer becomes unbinding.
  13. The right to renounce the purchase contract does not apply to contracts:
    i. For bespoke products, manufactured according to Customer’s specification or used to satisfy individualized needs
    ii. For products which because of their character are inseparably bound with other objects
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